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Inside this article: what’s a custom paper? When should you use it? Which are the Reviews of benefits of using it? Where do I buy custom paper that is tailor made for my printer? These are questions you might be asking yourself if considering using custom paper to your printer. Here are some answers to some common printer care questions:

To set up a custom made document setup in your printer, just do the following: On the main page of the Printer Setup window, select Custom Paper from the menus. In the Paper Preferences window, select Custom Size. The custom dimensions will be pre-filled facing you, and you are all set! No worries about the number of sheets or anything else, simply enter a custom size that can fit your printer and proceed printing.

For printers that ship together with the Custom Paper feature, you need to enable the attribute in the Maintenance settings in your machines. You might need to go into your Maintenance setting and then Select Machines to find the Custom Paper attribute and toggle it on. Currently, any custom paper size your printer provides will be automatically inserted into the machine, saving you a few steps.

To print a customized document, you have to first load it in your Printer. To do this, open the File menu by clicking the Print button and then click Load Remote. The title of your document will appear in bold and you’ll see a location on your desktop or other place where you are able to save the document to be published. You can either press the right arrow button to reveal the Load button or you could double-click the location where you saved your file. You will be asked to confirm whether you really wish to load it in the printer, then click OK.

Once you have loaded the document into the printer, then the next thing to do is to press the Print button in your Printer. Depending on your model, the file menu will look and look something like this:

If you’re using a driver upgrade, it is important that you restart your system after the update finishes. Otherwise, in case you did not install the latest upgrades, the changes to your paper size installation might not have effect. When the printout appears, you should confirm it is correct, check the setting of your paper size in the apparatus and networks settings. If you Want to reconfigure the custom dimensions installation, follow the steps in the section below: